Android App

We have developed an Android app that you can use to control our Mini robots.  To download it, go to the Google Play app on your Android phone or tablet and type "robometrix" into the search bar. After downloading the app, go to settings (upper right of app screen) select command tone length, and change it from 100 to 200.  The graphic below explains the app icons.  The "inactivate fwd/rev commands" button can be used when operating the Mini on a table to prevent you from accidentally driving off of the edge.  

Anrdoid app commands

Skype Auto Answer

On Android devices, Skype can be set to auto answer calls.  This allows you to operate your Mini even when no one is around to answer the robot's phone.  After you set up your phone as shown in the video below, you can turn on your robot's power, bring Skype up on the robot's phone and let the phone's screen turn off.  Then, as long as the phone and robot have power left, you can remotely call the robot and control it to monitor pets, children, office activity and more.

Operating the Mini Using a Tablet

The video below shows how you can use a smart phone keypad, DTMF app or the RoboMetrix app to control a Mini from a tablet. 

Reprogramming the Mini

You can access the Mini's USB port as shown in the video below.