The Mini is our compact, economical telepresence robot for home, school or business.

We only have a few left: Minis

Shown with an iPod Touch which is not included.

Shown with an iPod Touch which is not included.

Features:  Uses your smartphone or iPod Touch with a front camera - Camera tilts and reverses - One forward and reverse speed - Two turning speeds - Obstacle detection front & rear - Amplified audio - Rechargeable Li-ion battery - Charger included - 7 inches across - Weighs 28 ounces.

Uses: Allow your home-bound child to keep up in the classroom - Attend meetings at work while on the road or telecommuting - Monitor your children after school while you're still at work - Check on your pets and home when away - Supervise employees and processes at a remote site - Visit with children or grandchildren - Use your imagination!


The Mini is available in red/black, clear acrylic or finished wood.


Local WiFi or 4G internet access

A current smart phone (iOS, Android or Windows) or iPod Touch 5/6 (The phone should be able to run Skype smoothly)

Phones should not be wider than 2.75 inches.


The front (screen) camera on your phone or iPod Touch should have a resolution of at least 1.2 megapixels

For monitoring sites where no one is available, you must use an Android phone with Skype set to auto answer.


Q: Do I need a smart phone with a data plan on the robot?

A: No.  You can use an unlocked phone, or an iPod 5, when Wi-Fi is available at the robot’s location. 

Q: How long does the robot’s battery last?

A: The robot can be left on for up to 12 hours, with up to 2 hours of active movement.

Q: Is Wi-Fi required at the robot’s location?

A: No.  A smart phone with a data plan and 4G LTE works well when Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Q: What happens if the robot’s phone loses its internet connection?

A: If the robot is moving forward or backward, it will continue moving until its software times out or until it bumps into an obstacle.  Forward and reverse commands time out after about 15 seconds.  When the robot bumps into an obstacle, it stops and reverses briefly so it has clearance to turn.

Q: Can I change the program in my Mini?

A: Yes.  If you are comfortable programming in the Arduino IDE, you can start by modifying the preloaded program which can be obtained by sending us a request on the Contact Us page.

Q: Do I have to use Skype to operate my Mini?

A: No.  We have had good results with FaceTime and Google Hangouts.  However, those programs do not have a built-in DTMF keypad like Skype, so you will need a source of DTMF tones such as your smart phone’s phone keypad or an app like DTMF Pad (iOS) or DTMF Tone Generator (Android). 

Q: What is the warranty?

A: RoboMetrix will replace or repair your VisitorBot Mini if a manufacturing defect occurs within 30 days from purchase.  Buyer pays shipping back to RoboMetrix.  Please contact us first before making a return.