Our approach to telepresence

open source

Open Source Hardware: We use Arduino open source microcontrollers to operate our robots.  These controllers are reliable, versatile and easy to program. Arduino controllers are part of a physical computing platform that include the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that simplifies software development.  The Arduino IDE can be downloaded at http://arduino.cc/en/main/software.


WiFi Devices: Most wireless devices such as smart phones, tablets and the iPod Touch 5/6 are compatible with the RoboMetrix control system. 

video chat

Versatility: All popular video chat apps are also compatible with our robot control system.  This compatibility, along with our broad hardware compatibility, makes our telepresence robots the most versatile available.


Made in USA: Our robots are hand-built in North Carolina using domestic and imported parts.  Where possible, we outsource component manufacturing to local companies.