-Spring Clearance Sale-

VisitorBot Mini is the most affordable telepresence robot.  We're clearing our inventory of Minis to make way for the next model.  Get yours here before they are gone!

Be in two places at once

Telepresence robots combine teleconferencing and robotics to provide an experience that is almost like being teleported to a remote site.

RoboMetrix has developed telepresence robots that can use multiple video chat applications and can be controlled by mobile or traditional platforms from anywhere in the world.

Play with your dog at home from your cubicle at work or be fully present at a meeting while at home or on the road.

How telepresence works

The potential applications are almost unlimited.

Compact - Inexpensive - Superior camera control - Uses any smart phone/iPod Touch 5 -       Obstacle detection - Rechargeable Battery - Designed & Assembled in USA