RoboMetrix develops robots that can be controlled over the internet and used almost anywhere on the planet where WiFi or 4G signals are available.  Examples are robots for telepresence and security applications.  The user interface can be a video chat application, a security camera app or any other application that generates a simultaneous video and audio connection over the internet.


Connect to our robots using Skype or other video chat apps to chat, visit, monitor, manage, collaborate, teach and more at remote sites.


You drive our robots via the video chat app using a phone keypad from within the app or on another device.



the Cliente telepresence robot


  • superior camera control

  • drive-on charging (robot & tablet)

  • Android tablet

  • amplified audio

  • front & rear sensors

  • up to 3 hours talk time

  • up to 1.5 hours continuous run time

  • weighs only 10 pounds

  • designed and prototyped by RoboMetrix